Best Professional Health and Medical WordPress Themes for Healthcare, Clinics and Hospitals

A medical WordPress theme is nothing but a specially designed theme for the entire health care sector. These themes are applied to all the health and medical blogs and the websites. These themes are particularly created for the hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists, surgeons and all others related to the field of healthcare. The top medical themes are of supreme quality and have a layout which is highly customisable in nature. The primary function of the medical WordPress themeis the creation of new professional medical websites without the need of hiring developers and designers for the same purpose. This is the main reason behind the fact why these themes are so much preferred.

Here’s our list of the top Medical WordPress Themes

To get a detailed knowledge about the WordPress themes, read through and the list of the best ones is given below.

Be Theme

Be Theme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress theme which lies in the top of the preference list of the users. The theme is quite responsive in nature and has a phenomenal functionality. The theme is user friendly in nature with a number of layouts which are completely ready for using making it convenient for the users. The theme is a light one in terms of size and is only of mere 6 MB. The updates are available every week which can be done with only a single click.


Apress is another of the very famous medical WordPress theme offering a large number of designs with a plenty of options available for customisation. Being one of the best multipurpose theme it readily suits to any kinds of websites making the task easier of users. Another of the fantastic feature of this theme is that you are able to make any of the elements of your medical website appear in 3D to give a realistic effect.


Avada is one of the most advanced medical themes to provide you with the dream website that you have been searching for a long period of time. Though the theme is quite an advanced one, it is not very difficult to use. All the new updates with fresh features and improvements in its working & functionality are absolutely free of cost for the theme.


Jupiter is an advanced WordPress theme that is considered to be one of the supreme website builder ever where you can simply explore of plethora of opportunities to create the most unique and innovative medical websites. With the unparalleled performance of the theme and its unmatched options of customisability would allow you to create what you exactly want. In an addition to this, the theme offers some readymade templates which helps in the launching of the website in just some time.


TheGem is another of the top medical WordPress theme which is just phenomenal to use. It is preferred by many mainly due to its versatility, responsiveness and a top – class performance. The theme comes with a particularly creative design for the purpose of suiting all sorts of creativity for the building up of the websites. Moreover, you will be getting all ready plugins making it extremely convenient for the users.


Jevelin in one such WordPress theme which are ideally suited for almost all. The theme is designed in such a way that it very well suits all the basic and as well as the complex website projects. Another added advantage of the theme is an added plugin called WooCommerce which functions similar to a market place foe the purpose of selling items. The theme is easy to install with just one click and at the same time it is easily customisable.

Medical & Dentist

Medical & Dentist is another of the very popular medical WordPress theme that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times which is quite beneficial for all the medical practitioners like dentists, surgeons etc. The theme comes with a very much purpose oriented design including an appointment or booking form, department management, timings etc. which prove to be extremely useful for the ones in the medical or healthcare field.


The theme ProDent as indicated by the name is specially designed keeping the dentists in mind. The theme is best suited for the dentists and the other clinics or individuals related to the same profession. The theme has a total of three home page layouts which can be chosen accordingly. The theme is quite modern and highly functional along with the presence of unique short codes with complete responsiveness.


Isida is a type of WordPress theme which is particularly designed for the plastic surgery clinics and anyone who is professionally related to the field of plastic or cosmetic surgery. At the same time, this theme can be used for the development of any kinds of medical websites as well. The them works well with all of the premium plugins making it a versatile one. The installation, running and updating is extremely easy which can be done in quick time.


Pearl is one of the premium medical WordPress theme best suited for the launching of all sorts of websites particularly the ones related to healthcare. The theme provides high quality performance with advanced theme options. There is also an optimised visual composer which enables all of the theme modules to be at your fingertips. Support for the users are available 24*7 so that the users can get necessary assistance at all the times.


Ronneby is a medical WordPress theme which takes the task of web development to a complexly different level with the appropriate combination of not only the plugins and the modules but also with a powerful panel with simply endless options. The support team is always available to resolve all of the queries that arise. The theme comes along with suitable video tutorials to make the task of website building very easy and less time consuming.

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is another of the top medical WordPress theme which eases the task of website building. The presence of an exclusive section builder in the theme makes everything much easier so that it can be completed within a very short span of time. The theme comes with some practical pre – built sections which is of a great advantage. The theme is a device friendly one and is compatible with any of the devices with which it is being used, like mobile, tablet, laptop etc.


Clinico is one of the top medical and healthcare theme which is being extensively used in the recent times which can be very well proved from the fact of the increasing number of users on a daily basis. The clean and fresh design of the theme makes it ideal for the medical and health related businesses. The theme comes with boxed layouts that are wide and includes six predefined schemes of colour. Moreover, all of them are quite easy to customise.


MediCentre is another great medical WordPress theme which is simply loved by the healthcare professionals since the theme is perfectly suited to fulfil all their requirements. The theme is quite fast and the updates for improvement in its functionality & features are free for lifetime. So, you just need to invest once and the rest will be taken very good care off without you having to for even a moment. In an addition to this, the theme is Crossbrowser compatible which is an added advantage for the users


Medicare is one of medical WordPress theme which is completely responsive, retina ready and extremely easy to use because of its user friendly interface. The theme is customisable as per the requirements of the users and at the same time the customer support team is fantastic. They professional support team dedicatedly works for providing a hundred percent support to the customers.

Apex Clinic

Apex Clinic is considered to be such a medical WordPress themewhich is been designed to impress. Using the theme would simply take your website to the next different level giving it an enhanced look. The new amazing features of side scrolls, shape dividers and the gallery manager make the theme one of the best one of being used in the field of healthcare. The concepts of the theme are unique which in turn creates a unique website for your business.


As indicated by the name is a medical WordPress themewhich is specially created by the dentists and the individuals involved in the same profession. But the theme can also be used for other sectors of healthcare as well. The presence of custom widgets further enhances its functionality and usability. The theme is retina ready and comes with a number of different home pages which can be selected accordingly by the users.  Additionality, the theme has a clean typography.


Healthflex is a health WordPress theme which offers extreme flexibility to the users so that they are able to design a website of their choice particularly suited for their professional needs. The theme has unique design and a visual page builder making it just phenomenal in terms of functionality. Moreover, the theme comes along with five unique demos related to the healthcare sector that suits to perfection. Even an individual who is a non – programmer would not have a hard time in creating a website.


Bridge is another of the very popular medical WordPress theme which is creative and a multi – purpose one. It is a completely responsive theme which helps in the creation of a very good and attractive website for the development of your business. The theme is SEO friendly and comes with a number of useful plugins which are quite necessary in the development of the website. You can also get a step by step video tutorials which act as the ideal guide about how to build the website.

At the end, it can be very well understood that how important is a medical WordPress theme for all the professionals in the healthcare industry for developing a high – quality website which in turn helps in the enhancing of their business development. These themes come with all the necessary guidance that are required for the building up of a quality website for business so that no additional help is required. But still it is required the customer support teams of the themes take care of everything so that the users do not even get a single chance to complain.

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