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    Apress Support

    To set widget Icons , you can use both image / fontawesome icons .

    Here’s a list of default icons for Apress Contact widgets.

    Icons for Widget 
    MAP ---                  <i class="fa fa-map-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> 
    PHONE ---		<i class="fa fa-phone" aria-hidden="true"></i>
    Mobile --		<i class="fa fa-mobile" aria-hidden="true"></i>
    FAX  --			<i class="fa fa-fax" aria-hidden="true"></i>
    WEBISTE  --		<i class="fa fa-globe" aria-hidden="true"></i>
    MAIL  ---		<i class="fa fa-envelope" aria-hidden="true"></i>

    To use images instead of icons , you will use the image paths to the appropriate fields.

    Best regards
    Apress team

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