Updating to Apress 6

Updating to Apress 6 from older versions #

Apress 6 comes with enormous new features and customization options to help you design a truly unique website. Though most of the older features remain the same but few options and features have been modified in order to fix for issues beyond the scope of earlier versions.

Warning – Do not upload the latest Apress V 6 Theme Directly to your older Apress versions.

1- First keep a full backup of your website
2- Set up the site on your local instance and update the latest Apress Theme and Apress Core.
3- If you have any issues other than the Site Width / Container width –
Contact Apress Dedicated Support


Important Changes in Apress 6 #

New Product Registration Dashboard #

Once you activate the Apress Theme you will be directed to the Product registration screen. here you will have to add your product Purchase code.
Check this link to find your Product Registration Code.

Once you register the product you can proceed to activate the required Plugins.

Header Builder Changes #

New Advanced Header builder and Options added. Apress V6 comes with the possibility of creating unique header using the WP bakery page Builder. The page builder header comes with custom WP Bakery elements and tons of options to fully customizing your header to fullest.
Check full documentation on how to create site Header using Page Builder.

Page Builder Changes #

The Apress V 6 comes with changes to WP Bakery Page Builder Row Structure and Site Container Padding. This was necessary in order to fix some of issues like container stretch on website load which was beyond the scope of current page builder settings. It also clears the way for integrating Elementor support in the next update of Apress.
Now to create full width container you will have select the width option in Row Settings.

We recommend you to keep the Apress theme and All Plugins as well as WordPress updated to the latest version for safety and security issues.


Apress Theme Changelog #

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